Placement consultants for pharma industry in Pune


The industry of pharmaceuticals and more is increasing drastically on a daily basis. While this happens, it leads to the creation of more jobs and industries in the industry, leading to an increase in the demand for executives and more in pharma job consultancy in Pune and other places.

With this increase, there are many companies that are emerging in the recruitment sector to help you with finding the right people for the job. One of the leading recruitment companies, Fly Square Solutions is adept at pharma job consultants as well.


If you are looking for a pharma consultant for your company, FlySquare Solutions is the right recruitment agency to help you because:

  • Ties with top colleges – Having worked in the pharmaceutical recruitment sector for so long, we are well established with the top pharma colleges so you can be sure that the best talents fresh off college will be hired to grow in your company.

  • Can find people according to the location and the skill set required.

  • Will find the best and most knowledgeable people on and off the field.

Why Us?

FlySquare Solutions is the right recruitments company when it comes to placement consultants for pharma industry in Pune thanks to their great knack for spotting the right talent in every field.

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