Hospitality placement consultants in Delhi

Hospitality Sector Background

Hospitality and tourism sector ranks amongst the top 10 to attract the highest FDI in India. In the decade between 2013-23 it is expected that this sector’s contribution to India’s GDP will grow by about 8 percent every year.

Hospitality, tourism and travel comprise the largest service industry in the country, with major emphasis on tourism related to business, sports, cultural, heritage and medical.

Demand for high quality professionals

FlySquare Solution, like most of the hospitality placement consultants in Delhi and in the rest of India, are consistently committed to providing high quality management and executive search services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Hospitality consultants offer jobs of various positions and salary levels and we can help place you in a position which is best suited to your qualification and skillsets.

FlySquare Solution Perspectives

Improvement in connectivity with all foreign countries has provided a manifold increase in the growth potential of the hospitability industry in India. This opens up a wide vista of career opportunities. This is also helped considerably by positive government initiatives in promoting tourism and hospitality. This has added considerably to the number of tourists visiting India. Hospitality placement consultants have a wider range of jobs to offer.

Hospitality Placement Consultants
  • Restaurant Hospitality Recruitment Consultants
  • Cafe Hospitality Consultants
  • Massive Restaurant Recruitment Consultants
  • Old World Hospitality Recruitment