Why FlySqaure Solution is the best recruitment agency for you

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There are many recruitment companies out there that promise you the best but how do you know they are benefiting you and the company equally? Here is what we do:


Having a company these days is all about the kind of work you do, the position you hold in the industry and of course the kind of people that you hire. The work culture and the office etiquette is constantly changing and evolving and if you go to the creative side of this, they are a lot more laid-back and relaxed. Industries and corporates such as manufacturing, medicine, pharmaceutical and more however are really the opposite of this.

As a recruitment and talent agency, it is important that we are able to distinguish between the companies and how they work so we can find the right fit for them. Thanks to the increased demand in pharmaceutical and the number of new drugs and more that have come into the market, it is hardly surprising that the demand for pharma consultants in India has increased.

pharmaceuticals-consultantWe understand this and work towards providing you the right kind of people for pharma consultancy. Here is why we are the best bet for you:


We know that you are in a time crunch and that you will not have the time to interview all the people who have applied for the job. This is why, we will ensure to find the right people for you through our different interviews that focus on location, skill set, qualification and more.

We understand that you need the best in the industry and be responsible for someones growth in the profession. This is why we will find you an individual whose expertise and knowledge will bring a whole lot to your company.

As a pharma consultants company, you will need someone to join your midst on a regular basis. In order to help you create new opportunities for consultants, we have a wide network of people for you to choose from.


We know it can get exhausting for you to keep researching for pharma companies and applying for the same over and over. This is why, we will take care of the kind of companies you are looking for whilst you relax.

We understand that you have personal goals and some demands in mind and will negotiate with companies to help you get the same.

As a placement agency of pharmaceutical, we will give freshers a chance to enter the industry with the right company and prove themselves worthy for the same.

You will have a particular skill set and location in mind so we will find you jobs that will fulfil the same.

As a recruitment and talent agency, we ensure that we look at both sides of the coin before we bring you two together. This not only helps with a smooth transition but benefits both the company and the individual!