Mistakes to avoid while choosing a recruitment consultant

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Hiring the workforce from time to time for your manufacturing company is not an easy task. You may have to deal with the loads of resumes in your inbox or interview a number of candidates whenever you have staffing needs. However, with many recruitment consultants available these days, you can hand over this task to them and be hopeful of getting the right candidates for the specific posts. But, you need to realize that the placement consultant for manufacturing company is much more than a manufacturing job board member, they become your representative once you hire them.

Therefore, it becomes very important to choose them carefully as a wrong choice can ruin the reputation of your company and your workplace may be filled with wrong people. So, here is a list of mistakes that you must avoid while choosing a consultant.

1. Choosing the recruiter who is not the specialist of your industry – Many of the recruiters claim that they are the experts of the industry and the companies believe them without doing any further inquiry. However, you must not believe those claims before checking their knowledge. If the placement consultants for manufacturing industry claim that they are experts of plastic or steel industry, ask them many questions related to the industry. This test is important because the more a placement consultant knows about the country, the better candidate he will provide you.

2. Not checking their references – When it comes to hiring any placement agency in Delhi, most of the companies don’t ask them about the references from the same industry. Here, it is important to note that if they are an expert recruitment firm, they will not have any problem in giving you the references of their previous clients. Being a credible firm, they will have nothing to hide about the quality of their service. So, you must ask them for the same and check their reaction. This will give you an idea about the truth in their claims.

3. Not selecting a devoted recruiter– If you are about to hire a local placement consultant for manufacturing company, you need to check their commitment depending upon their willingness to visit your company at least once. This is crucial because if a recruiter is committed, they will want to know every single detail about their client. This will help to build the image of the company in front of the job seekers. This adds to your creditability as the job seeker believes that the recruiter has visited the employer and approves of the work environment.

4. Not checking if the candidate was interviewed – While working with any of the recruitment consultants in Delhi, it is important to check if the candidate presented to you is actually interviewed by them. You must ask the recruiter if they have actually met the job seeker. Most of the recruiters spend only a minute or two analyzing the resume and hardly five minutes talking with the candidate. This can lead them not so right candidates to you. So, take care of this thing.

These are a few mistakes you must avoid while selecting or while working with any of the Manufacturing job consultants in India. Do not forget, you are paying them fees and hence they must be the one providing you the best workforce.