How to Be a Priority Candidate for FMCG Consultants?

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Are you registered with multiple FMCG consultants in India? Even so, you have still not got your desired job? It is a common phenomenon faced by hundreds of job seekers! Getting side-lined by the recruitment agency might be one valid reason.

This write-up focuses on the pointers to build a strong rapport with the FMCG consultants so that you become a priority candidate for them.

Point 1: Treat Them Respectfully

A candidate often treats their consultant for jobs disrespectfully when they fail to get them their desired job within a limited span of time. Now, that is an utterly wrong move for 2 key reasons! As soon as you belittle a recruiting agent, you automatically become a less important candidate. This happens for both personal and professional factors. The professional cause being that a job offering service would never want to refer an impolite individual to a renowned FMCG company. So, to be in the good books of the recruiting consultants, be respectful and gain importance!

Point 2: Building Trust

A simple equation applies here! Will you trust a person you are keeping things from you? Will you trust someone who does not trust you? Similarly, hiding the fact that you have registered with several hiring consultants will do no good. Those hiring agencies are professionals & will find the truth out anyway. Therefore, it will create a dishonest image of you. Additionally, they will have the impression that you lack faith in their professional capacity to get you a suitable job at FMCG firm.

The trick here is to register with maximum 2 or 3 best consultation services. For instance, if you seek to work in Delhi then opt for FMCG placement consultants in Delhi. Be transparent when sharing all information and maintain trust in your selected professional consultants.

Point 3: Step Forward to Seek Advice

Shed all fears and uneasiness about seeking advice! Go ahead and ask for help as it displaying 2 positive signs:-

• One is that the opinions of the consultant matter to you highly

• Secondly, you are interested in listening to their advice and applying it practically for results

This will work in a fruitful way! The moment the FMCG top consultants realize that you are serious about their advice; they will carry out a thorough investigation! They will make sure they find market-related practical advice as they know you will apply them. Thus, such candidates being easy to offer placement become a priority for the consultants.

Point 4: Show Them You Are Worth It

Show all your talents, skill-sets, qualification & experience in impressive CV. The FMCG recruitment consultants in India will rely on your documents rather than your words. Also, ensure to build a long-lasting relationship. You should subtly put forward the idea that when you get your desired job placement, in future you will refer them for the impeccable service. You will also hire candidates from them in your FMCG industry as they are a premium quality job consultancy service.