FMCG Top Consultants are a Guiding Light after Job Rejection

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Are you feeling dejected after being rejected from multiple job interviews? Do not let the hopeless feeling creep in! A country where thousands of candidates apply, every day thousands get rejected.

It is time to find the answer to the question- why am I getting rejected?

You must have tried several tricks and tips on your behalf to crack the interview. Therefore, lets get the help of professional FMCG recruitment consultants in India. You may not be aware of the fact that, most of the individuals who get selected are groomed by hiring agencies! Read on to know how guidance from professional hiring consultants can get you your deserved job.

1. Chuck Random Applications

Applying for anything and everything that has FMCG term in the job opening post wont work! Slow down, take a pause and start to make a list of things that sum up your desired job.

Let the FMCG consultants know what sort of job you need! Are you seeking a full-time job, a part-time job, a work-from-home job, etc? This will assist the placement consultant to filter out the jobs. When unsuitable jobs are eliminated, only appropriate ones remain. This cuts down the probability of getting rejected by a far margin.

2. Share Your Job Interviews in Details

You need to open up and share elaborately about the job interviews from where you got rejected. Do not feel hesitant. It is very important to discuss your failed interviews with your consultant for jobs.

Often the companies do not state the reasons for not selecting the candidates. Therefore, an elaborate talk about the interviews sessions will help the job consultant to figure out the loopholes. For example, it reveals the skill-sets you lack! The problem areas which led to your rejection! Once that is known, correcting the errors becomes easy. You can avail professional coaching and brush up your skills for future jobs.

Thus, finding the befitting job and getting selected becomes a cake walk.

3. Be Honest

It is very important that you are thoroughly honest with the consultant. This goes for all the FMCG consultants in India. All the information, documents and personal details you share should be true. A recruitment service has to be able to trust you to place you in a company.

A candidate with false documents or bragging about skills he/she doesnot possess will not work. The FMCG top consultants will eventually find out and will not be willing to assist a fake candidate.

4. Build a Strong Bond

It is necessary to build a strong bonding with the consultant. It goes both ways. Whenever you remember an important point, make sure to call/email them to let them know. For instance: You seek a job in Delhi, but you are working with an FMCG consultant agency in Mumbai. Just call up and inform them. Most of the top recruiting services have their branch in multiple cities. Once you inform, they will transfer you to the FMCG placement consultants in Delhi.