Basic Do’s & Don’ts When Visiting Top Placement Consultants in India

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It is quite common to be clueless about facing a job recruitment agency! To help you glide through your interview with a placement service consultant, here are a few do’s and don’ts that can prove useful.

Things to Do When Visiting a Job Staffing Agency

1. Make a conscious well-researched selection

You need to double check your selected job consulting service by-

Browsing through the site

Finding out the precise field in which they mostly provide jobs. If they are a Pharma Job Consultancy in Pune then they will mainly offer jobs in pharmacies in Pune!

2. Be sure to Introduce

The most professional & impressive way to introduce yourself to the job consulting agency is to write an email to them. It should be written in a proper way keeping in mind some points as follows-

The emails body should be written as a brief cover letter.

Right at the start of your introductory letter, mention the firms you are connected with.

3. Edit your draft

Check your email before sending it. Any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or, unnecessary long sentences with fluff plants a bad impression on the recruiting consultant. Remember to attach your CV in your email. Call up the agency in case you don’t receive an acknowledgement email.

4. Keep Contact

It is a good move to stay in touch with pharma consultancy services. You can either call, text or drop an email as decided to inform them regarding something, ask about job updates or refer a friend.

Things Not To Do When Visiting a Job Staffing Agency

An email having no subject or no text in the body should be avoided. Sending an email with just the CV attached is a wrong move.

There is no place for “hi”, “bye”, or casual chat like approach. Maintain a polite & professional writing style in your email.

Do not bug the consulting services by multiple calls, texts or emails. If you call once as a follow-up of your email, that is fine!

Do not present yourself as confused, indecisive and desperate. You should have clarity in your statements, what job type you seek, desire location, expected pay, preferred work timings etc. Candidates who come across as ready to do any type of job seem clueless and lacking in focus.

Do not try to cover up your skills or qualifications. Present them with pride as there is always a job which can utilize your skills in the best possible way. Be conscious of what you can do and how you can prove to be useful to a company.

Highlight your skills and achievements rather than stressing upon your limitations.

Do not lose hope or cloud yourself with thoughts that the Pharma Placement Consultant Agency in Pune will not be able to find a job for you. At times getting the best suitable job positions as per individual skill-sets takes time.