Why FMCG top consultants in India Prefer Business School Students?

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During placement seasons, FMCG recruitment consultants prefer B- school students for hiring in FMCG companies instead of start-ups. Its because the consumer industry is the strongest and biggest pillar of Indian economy. IIM and IIT scholars are always having a close eye on this sector to gauge the performance of FMCG sector. FMCG top consultants in India has seen a promising response for years and hence picks the candidates right during the campus selection.

Why students prefer to get section through FMCG placement agency in India?

FMCG sector is stable in terms of salaries as the demand of Fast Moving Consumer Goods will never come to an end. Consumer packaged goods usually have a low cost and are sold quickly. These goods may be non –durable like beverages, packaged foods, toiletries, over the counter drugs and similar many consumables but always stay in demand in homes and during travels. For this reason, their jobs will also be in demand. Getting jobs through top placement consultants in Delhi becomes much easier for Business students.

Some other reasons of popularity of FMCG consultants by Business school students –

The consultants pick students through campus selection and hence seeking job becomes much easy for students.

The consultants have a huge network that stay interconnected through various means like phone, word of mouth; have a close collaboration with specific FMCG companies etc.

The FMCG consultants maintain their colossal database which they keep updating on a daily basis.

Their data includes the list of old and the new clients apart from the list of candidates who register them self for striking job opportunities.

FMCG recruitment consultants are highly responsible and professional people who contact the candidates by calling them and even arrange interviews and assist them in doing rest of the formalities. They assure that all the things are on place. Promising response from them make both the parties contented.

They guarantee job security and the experts say that in future also the FMCG sector will stay stable in terms of salary projections. Chances are pretty bright for future. Unlike Financial institutions and Service industry, the chances of FMCG sector going through the global economic turmoil are almost negligible.

Among the two sections – Foreign MNC firm and the Indian companies, the prospering aspect is higher for the foreign MNCs. Its because they invest lot in terms of plants and production activities. They do not hesitate in hiring the top talent and making their product a lucrative destination for the consumers. On the other hand the Indian companies have also become aggressive in terms of market capitalization and talent catchment too. Furthermore, they have also become competitive in hiring their employees and have worked hard in bridging the gap in pay levels.

The above stated reasons are strong enough for Business school students to contact the FMCG placement agency in India. Furthermore, the consultants also give the true reason of any employee leaving; as it helps the company in maintaining the attrition rate. In short to say, the top placement consultants in India Delhi are the perfect blend of high performance, business critical skills and high potentials which is highly difficult to match in the market.