Top Automotive Consulting Firms in India Follows Social Media Recruitment Tips

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You will find that social media is no more a new thing or an out-of-the-box concept. It is one of the absolutely must-have tools in your recruitment toolbox. Do you know that more than 94 percent of the recruiters have seen that a great percentage of hire from social media channels. If you are into automotive business then you must concentrate on social media. Thus, top automotive consulting firms in India are using social media to attract new talent by following the basics tips shared below –

What are those basic tips the automotive recruitment consultants in India remembers while hiring a candidate from social media?

A. Choosing the right social media platform

It is not good to have your presence across all social media channels. It is a one of the bad recipe to fail so the foremost thing that you should remember to be there on LinkedIn. They consult the marketing team to see which of the social media platform is the best for recruitment agencies for automotive jobs and then expand if it does make sense.

B. They do tell people that they are hiring

As the automotive recruitment agencies in India, uses social media to hire good talents for the employers or companies who have appointed them, so they do post great description to attract the best among the huge talentpool. This allows both the passive and active candidates to see that there is hiring going on in the particular automotive industry.

C. They know their hashtags well

Yes, if they are using the social media to attract the best candidate – then it means that they know the right hashtags to let the candidates find job postings. They share hashtags like #jobs #jobsinIndia #automotivejobs #developer #salesandmarketing etc to rope the best talent. It makes the candidate easy to find a particular job and do a quick search in the preferred social channel.

D. They do put personality in the job posts

Automotive consulting services in Delhi make sure that while sharing #jobsindelhi, they have put some personality in the description. It is all done to remove the boring job posting trend and put some attention personalization of the posts.

E. Show the company culture

They might ask the employer who have roped the recruitment consultancy to hired candidate on their behalf to share video or photos of the company parties, get together, event or office tour to show the fun side of the company. The daily life within the company attracts talent and helps to see the human faces behind the company.

The automotive recruitment consultants do agree that they use the social media to enhance the overall talent acquisition strategy. However, it takes a lot of time to implement social media in the most meaningful manner and most internal HR might need to stretch beyond their limits. If you are in the need to hire the best talent, then you can choose an automotive recruitment agency in Delhi and get started with correct method of social media hiring. They are all set to help you beyond their limits.