Phrama Job Consultants in India and Their Hiring Trends in 2018

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The first quarter of 2018 has just ended and the quarter two has just begun. We know that we will see an influx of job vacancies at the end of the April or by the mid-week. Just like other industries pharma job consultants in India will also be easy looking for the right candidate and giving them the right platform to perform.

Pharma consultants in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi or Ahmedabad almost also shows a common trait that helps the hiring process become smooth and keep the applicants on toes.

As pharma industry, contributes a lot of revenue to the Indian economy and employs thousands of youth in a variety of job roles, so it is indeed one of the delightful job profiles. It is one of the broad and evolving professions and you will come across a number of career options. We will like to highlight those for you –

Medical Scientist
Compounding Pharmacist
Academic Pharmacist
Pharmacy Technician
Retail Pharmacist
Chemotherapy Pharmacist
Long-Term Care Pharmacists
Medical Writing

Here are the trends of the placement consultants in Delhi, Mumbai or Pune that helps them to choose the best pharma candidate –

1. You will find that every pharma consultants in Pune or Mumbai or maybe Delhi focusing on the experienced staff levels to choose the best candidate. They will hire the best HR professionals who scan the candidate in the right order

2. The recruiter in the pharmacy field needs to understand the drug discovery to find the potential candidate. They are exclusively going to work with direct employer and candidates and fill up the various positions such as – clinical research, R&D, bi statistician, medial writer, quality control, sales, marketing, manufacturing etc.

3. You will find that the pharmacy job in all retail environments is going to drop in value within 2014 to 2024. The jobs will shun as per the recent predictions. The number of pharma jobs in the hospital, clinics or healthcare, in turn, will grow about 15 percent and this is making the pharma consultant in Ahmedabad, Pune and Delhi rise to prominence.

4. The job movement will be high in 2018. The hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities will hire good quality candidates. With the changes in the pattern of hiring, now the placement consultants in Delhi or Mumbai get more facility and options to check the ability and the skills of the candidate.

5. You will find that there is a rise in the Skype-call interviews and thus the pharma job consultants in speeding up their hiring processes. Social media is also helping the recruiters to create a pool of talented job seekers. It is improving the reach of the new openings and goes only to the targeted people. It is helping them to tell and spread the news of a job opening like a wildfire.

Hope this helped you to understand the current hiring trends among pharma consultants in India and how they work to amplify your career and growth.