pharmaceutical recruitment consultants in India for qualified, experienced and professionals for right job placement

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Pharmaceutical recruitment consultants in India

India’s pharma sector is likely to grow three times to reach $55 billion in the coming five years. Currently, India is the largest supplier of medicine in the US, which will further increase the employment scenario in this sector. The coming year is considered as a boon for pharmaceutical recruitment consultants in India because many new job opportunities are likely to be created.

The pharma sector usually hires Pharmaceutical Chemists with masters or doctoral degree to carry out research for new medicines. The pharma sector is likely to generate over 1,34,000 jobs and witness an increase in over 20% in terms of hiring. The hiring scenario is picking up in the sector, which is likely to make the pharma consultants in India active for a long period.

Furthermore, the investments by the government in the Pharma sector have shown positive signs. The sector has churned out rich talent pool of scientists, researchers, project manager and scientists, which has made it even more essential for pharmaceutical recruitment consultants to hire the best talent in the country.

Hiring technically knowledgeable people is essential because only such talents can bring in new innovations in the field of medicine. Therefore, the pharma consultants are becoming more knowledgeable about the different and important terms used in this sector. It will help them filter candidates and provide the best fit for a job opening.

With the booming recruitment in the pharma sector, pharmaceutical recruitment consultants need to tighten their belts and focus on delivering quality output.

Furthermore, the industry doesn’t get candidates as quickly as other industries because of the technical nature of the field. Here are few bottlenecks witnessed by recruiting agencies.

  • Market Knowledge: Keep a track of the competition prevailing in the market. But, many companies fail to keep a track and miss out opportunities such as competitor’s redundancy, relocation, downsizing and drug failure. Such issues lead to an excellent opportunity to attract talent. Companies who miss out this opportunity miss a golden chance of hiring the best talent.


  • Experience of the candidate: Many times a job requires skillful and extremely experienced candidates. Due to the technical aspect of the pharma industry, not many eligible candidates are available. This makes the job tougher for pharmaceutical recruitment consultants.

Recruiters need to retain talent by offering career growth, mentorship, training and managerial engagement. Retaining talent is not as difficult as it seems, companies only need to enhance their communication to understand the employees.