Keep an Eye on Recruiting Trends of 2019

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Spotting out the talent is indeed a tough job but recruitment consultants in India are at the top of this game. They are the best agencies to head hunt right talent for all corporate hubs and industry houses. In modern world, almost all companies seek help of top placement consultants in India to find essential human resource.

The Recruiting Trends of 2019

Newspaper has beenthe most trusted medium to find genuine candidates. Newspaper advertisements are undoubtedly effective but time-consuming. Modern recruitments ways and platforms have come up like online job portals, job-oriented emails and social media. The outreach is more and instant – thus companies really do not have to wait much for interviewing the best shortlisted candidates.

The evolution of placement agencies has brought a new dimension to staffing manpower needs of a company.Placement Consultants in Delhi and elsewhere can be considered as the bridge between the recruiting company and an interested candidate.

To procure the best talent it is necessary to keep an eye on the recent trends in recruitments. It is worthwhile for companies to implement the following trends in their recruitment strategies:

Recruitment Marketing – helps to attract talented job seekers with current marketing measures and tactics.

Inbound Marketing – helps to convert genuinely interested candidates (who come to you) to employers.

Employer Branding – helps to attract candidates effectively. It has been surveyed that candidates check out company reputation before filing in job application.

Candidate Experience – helps to create a good image for the company because a person who went through a favourable, positive interview session is likely to take up the job or refer the company to another interested job seeker.

Talent Pool – helps in picking up or shortlisting candidates from a large database of previously applied and referral candidates.

Candidate Relationship Management – helps in retaining existing candidates and attracting potential candidates in the future.

Social Recruiting – helps in reaching out to interested people via numerous social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and web portals like forums, job boards, blogs, Glassdoor).

Recruitment automation tools – helps in streamlining entire recruitment process, making it fast and efficient to engage and convert potential candidate to company employees.

Data-driven Recruiting and HR Analytics – helps in analysing loophole and scope for improvement in recruitment strategies.

Employee Referrals – helps to attract genuine candidates based on the recommendation of an employee. It is the short cut route to fill up vacancies because you can zero in on the best candidate, almost instantly.

Talent Sourcing – helps to gather information about candidates who have shown greater interest in hearing of new job opportunities (rather the actively looking for the same).

Collaborative Hiring – helps in finding the right talent because HR team join hands with other departments to brainstorm on recruitment strategies and significant hiring recruitments.

Last but not the least, recruitment strategy should be aligned with the overall mission and future projections of the company. If you are clueless as to how to devise the right recruitment strategy it would be ideal if you get in touch with top recruitment consultants in India.