Importance of Oil and Gas Consultancy in India

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The oil and gas industry is hailed as one of the core industries in India. It is considered as a major factor for Indias economic growth. The natural gas, as well as the petroleum sector, is considered as significant contributors to Indias GDP.

Booming Requirement for Oil and Gas Professionals in India

In India, petroleum and petroleum products are exported from other countries as Indias own petroleum sector is not that developed. However, efforts are on to enhance India’s petroleum sector. The Economic Affairs Committee allocated a number of oil and gas blocks for the purpose of exploration. It is expected that these new allocations can help the Indian government bring foreign investments. Oil and gas is an expanding sector and therefore investments in this sector promise economic growth.

Oil and gas industry are growing by the day in this country and so is the requirement for professionals as well as oil and gas consultancy in India to look into the affairs of this sector. The various oil and gas recruitment agencies hire professionals who are qualified and experienced to look into the affairs of this sector. Many in this sector believe that this sector has multiple investment opportunities.

Investment Opportunities in India

These investment opportunities are described as follows: –

• Refining: India is considered an oil refining hub. There are many players in the private sector who have state-of-the-art infrastructure to deal with refining.

• Retail: There is a surge in the automobile market and that has led to increased investments in the petroleum sector. Many consider India to be the largest market for automobiles on a global scale. In India, the requirement for petroleum as well as petroleum-based products is going to rise further. It is estimated that this could lead to increased activity of top placement consultants in India.

• Gas: The fertilizer and power sectors are considered to drive the countries demand for gas. It is believed that the power and the fertilizer sectors use roughly 66% of the total gas that is produced in the country. As the population of India is set to rise, the demand for gas is set to increase and so is the demand for oil and gas recruitment agencies in India.

The oil and gas placement agency in Delhi, top consultants select the profiles of top consultants for recruitment to various private as well as public sector oil and gas companies. The top placement consultants in India are known to hire the expertise of qualified and experienced professionals in the oil and gas sector.

Promising Indias Gas Story

Indias gas story is promising and it is because of the following reasons: –

* 100% FDI in private refineries.
* 100% FDI in cases of gas pipelines, petroleum products, marketing and retail, exploration, etc.

Abolition of the administered pricing policy.

* NELP has helped encourage explorations of new oil fields, gas reserves in India.
* Indias oil and gas sector is set to rise in the coming years and this is an estimate made by the government agencies. This is set to enhance the per capita gas consumption in India.
* Yet another reason for increased investments in the oil and gas sector, increased number of oil and gas placement agency in India is that crude oil that is transported from the middle east can be easily moved from one location to another, in India.
* India is known to offer affordable refining techniques.