How to Detect a Bad Pharma Consultancy in Ahmedabad

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Are you desperate for a job? That is exactly what certain bad consultancy groups need!

Stay Alert! Do not show any desperation or rush for a job. We will take you through some hints that will help you uncover tricksters. There are some top placement consultants in India which can help you get the best job exquisitely designed for you. So, do not be disheartened.

7 Hints to Identify Fraud Consultancy Agencies

These 7 pointers can save you from fraud placement cells trying to trap you-

1. The Placement Agency is Charging Money: If the job recruiting service you picked is asking for any money for registration etc., its a sure sign they are fraud. Remember, the fee involved is paid by the firm that will employ you. Do not get roped in at their sweet talks or pictures of their candidates working in popular firms. Be smart and read all documents. Strictly avoid signing any type of contracts or legal documents.

2. Knowledge and Training Programs: Ask questions or discuss regarding the company, designation and other specifications they are offering. The precise the details, the genuine the firm. A bad consultancy will never be able to answer your queries elaborately. The quality of the training programs is another hint.

3. Doubtful Ethics: All the good Pharma Job Consultants in Ahmedabad will never advise you to use unethical ways to bag a job! An agency is corrupt if it suggests that a few false alterations in the Resume or sharing false information during an interview is fine. You need to escape such bad agencies as quickly as possible.

4. Double standards: Many times, job seekers have fallen into the trap of double standard agencies! Such job consulting services utilize the references suggested by candidates to run their own business. To know whether they are making profits at your stake, the only way is to call up and speak to the companies HR directly. Ask whether the agency has proposed any business for personal gain.

5. Over-Confident: One fact regarding getting a job that remains true is that the final decision to hire lies in the hands of the Company. A 100% job guarantee promise made by an agency is a sign of dishonesty. They are just cheating you and should be chucked immediately.

6. Dominating: The pharma consultants in India are meant to find a job in the Pharma industry with good pay to suit your skills and need. Any sort of pressure coming from the agencies to attend the interview for a job against your will is not tolerable. They are frauds with some ulterior motive.

7. Questions: Watch out for those consultancy agencies who try to find out about your old companies through questions. The questions should be regarding what type of job you seek, expected pay, your skill sets and so on. So if you are asked any fishy questions; just skip them and move on.

There are many excellent consultancy agencies that will focus on your needs rather than their own!