How to Approach a Pharma Job Consultancy in Pune?

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There are 3 popular ways of getting a job. One way is to browse through filtered job vacancies in your preferred field and apply directly via email. The second way is acquiring a job referral through a friend, colleague or relative. The third way involves approaching a recruiting agency.

The third way is in trend these days! So, a basic idea on how to approach a Pharma Placement Consultant Agency in Pune in the right manner can come in handy. This one is an indirect approach; lucidity in communication is of utmost importance.

Be Prepared before Approaching a Job Placement Service

1. Specify Your Preferred job type with Ample Descriptions

The recruitment agency is a mediator between you and the firm that will employ you. Therefore, think well and do the following:-

Decide whether you are looking for a permanent job, a temporary one, a seasonal job or freelance/work from home option.
Keep in mind your private and career aims! For example:- If you are a student and need a job to pay your college fees then precisely state your work timings, monthly pay expected, the line of work preferred etc.
A student studying to join the Pharma industry can take a part-time job accordingly! The job will serve as a training now, in turn, helping to secure a job in top-notch pharmacies in future.

The clearer you are with stating your job requirement details, the easier it will be for the placement agency to get you a suitable job.

2. Practice Two Sort of Questions

Once you have chosen a job consulting agency out of the top placement consultants in India, fix an appointment. Before visiting, do some research regarding the questions that the consultant is going to ask you!

A job consultant basically asks two types of questions:-

i. Queries about what the candidate is expert in doing.
ii. Questions on which sort of industry where the candidate’s skills & specialization will be best used.

3. Jot Down Everything- Where You Have Applied or Wish to Apply

It is a necessary step to make a list! The list must contain-

All the names of the firms you sent an application
Job titles you have applied for already
Names of job placement services where you have already registered

Now, why are you supposed to state all that to your staffing agency? The reasons are:-

You can avoid your CV being sent to a particular pharmacy by the particular pharma consultancy services where you have already dropped your resume.
This will save from possible clashes taking place! For instance, if you have enrolled your name with a specific job hiring service that holds the right to some jobs, then stating the fact that you have your registration with a few other recruiting services can help.
Having such a detailed informative list makes a good impression of the placement consultant. It throws light on your professionalism, honest representation and serious dedication towards your future career.