Conference Call Etiquettes for Candidates Interested in FMCG Jobs

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Say if you are applying for FMCG jobs, you need to have the desired skill sets and the qualities the industry wants you to have. Say as a candidate you have the quality or the skills, but still, there are some lessons that every new candidate should learn to adapt while applying for a job in the FMCG industry. Among all those lessons, learning how to behave during a conference call is one of the most important.

There are instances where you have to get into a telephonic round of interview with the candidate. In such a case, you have to maintain the etiquette. Therefore, the FMCG placement consultants like the candidates to hear some of the best call etiquettes to get an easy placement. You need to exhibit the best of your soft skills to win this move.

Conference Call Etiquettes from Top FMCG Consultants

1. You must settle so soon that you will give the speech or will be talking in front of a group of people and might not receive any visual feedback

2. Make sure to avoid those cell phones that easily pick up a background noise. Calling from an open plan office is somewhat equal to having a conversation in a night pub. If it is hard for you to find a quiet room says the FMCG job consultants, it is better to mute the button until you speak.

3. Make sure to learn the use of mute button and other technology of the phone to avoid obnoxious moments.

4. Do not begin the meeting at once you start the call. Seat before the video conferencing tool or the phone and look for the number to dial, passcodes and other information. It is better to be ready before you place the call placement consultants in India

5. It is important to start the meeting dot on time as the candidates who are latecomers gets less score

6. If there are, more than one person in the call say hello to each caller and introduce you to him or her. Even if you will never meet the person, it is a good relationship builder.

7. Do not ask the question to repeat for a number of times. At least one repeat is allowed, but too many repeats might lead to embarrassment. You do not want to have a bad impression of the recruiter at the very first call.

8. Make sure to avoid noise like shuffling of papers, tapping pencil or humming, avoid MTR influence and other noisy activities

As per the top placement consultants agency in India, it is important for the people to remember these bullet points if they are looking for FMCG jobs.

Top FMCG consultants say that if you maintain these etiquettes it becomes easy to set an impression on the person on the other side if the phone or video call. This is a strong instinct that you likely have a chance to get a good opportunity in that particular FMCG Company.