Common Job Mistakes That FMCG Job Consultants in India Asks Not to Commit

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There are a number of common and silly mistakes, which the applicants often commit while applying for a post in any industry. However, as the top FMCG consulting in India the experts is here to share their own thoughts, which they often notice in the FMCG job industry. We know that job search is getting complex day by day. Therefore, to make your resume stand out in the crowd you need to stop committing silly mistakes in your resume.

Top recruitment agency in India thus has come up with those common mistakes, which the FMCG job applicants often commit. They have highlighted it through this post to be more awareness among three candidates.

Often the little mistake decides the fate of the job application. So here, we come up with those deadly mistakes that you stop committing to getting placed through an FMCG company.

1. You do not provide the telephone number – The recruitment consultancy in India says that despite email being so popular there are FMCG companies who love to reach out to their candidates over the phone. Many of the FMCG job applicants often make this mistake and do not share their telephone number. Whether it is intentional or an oversight but you must always mention the telephone number in your resume says the top placement consultants in India.

2. You provide outdated contact information – The resume, which carries your contact information, tells the recruiters that you have not updated them. Therefore, it is important for you to update your resume every six to twelve months. You must reflect the new skills and experiences that you have learnt and design it to match the current standards as well.

3. Placement consultants in Delhi say that candidates often apply to a location which is geographically inaccessible – You need much vision when you look for a job. You need to be careful and look for a geographical location that will be easy to commute. An employer wants to know in a nutshell, that will you be able to move to the job location as fast as you can. FMCG job consultants in India hence asks to pay attention to the location of the job and your home whenever you apply for a position.

4. You always address the cover letter to the wrong employer – This is a common notion these days as per the FMCG marketing consultants India. Depending on how hard you try, you will be landing on more than one job in the FMCG industry. It is easy to mix up your cover letter in such an instance, but make sure you double check. The cover letter you send should match the name and address of the employer always.

5. Applying to the jobs in which you have no skill set of experience – There are divisions in FMCG industry where they demand experts and experienced people. However, many talents end up applying for the wrong post. FMCG consultants in India ask to read the job description a repeated number of times when a candidate applies for a post in the industry.

Apart from the above ideas and silly mistakes which often the candidates commit, FMCG job consultants in Mumbai says that the candidates should also avoid a large number of spelling mistakes in their resume. This makes their shabby before the recruiters.

FMCG job consultants in Bangalore and Mumbai are also of the opinion that not adhering to the instructions in the application is also considered as a minus point by the recruiters. Therefore, one needs to be aware of these mistakes and then place their application against a particular position.